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Ksanti is involved in computer consultation (web design and webmaster services), teaching, and performing. All activities seek to create that space which allows for the expression and development of the person—the pause that allows the other's voice to be heard and to be responded to in peace.

web sites
The Classical Free-Reed, Inc
Ksanti supports The Classical Free-Reed, Inc by serving as both host and webmaster. TCFR, Inc has over 500 articles (including CD reviews and essays) relative to free-reed instruments. Ksanti provides this service as a grant.
The Michigan Accordion Society
Ksanti also serves the accordion community in Michigan by acting as the volunteer webmaster for The Michigan Acccordion Society. The Metro Detroit area has a very active accordion community with historic roots to the immigrants who came to the Motor City in the early 20th century.
Miichigan Association of State and Federal Program Specialist
The MAS/FPS has been serving schools in Michigan since 1969. Ksanti serves as their webmaster.
The Woodward Corridor Musicians
Woodward Avenue stretches from downtown Detroit (beginning at the Detroit River) and terminates in Pontiac Michigan (home of the now defunct Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors). Woodward Avenue is the location for the famous "Woodward Cruise" each summer. Also along that "ribbon of highway" (to quote Woody Guthrie) live some very talented musicians who organize chamber concerts under the name The Woodward Corridor Musicians. Ksanti's R Stead has occasionally performed with them as part of the Rose Flute Ensemble of Ferndale, MI (9 Mile Road and Woodward Ave). R Stead also acts as the volunteer webmaster for the WCM.
R Stead, founder of Ksanti, is both a composer and performer. A sample of his eclectic style can be found at The Music of R Stead.
teaching, etc...
R Stead has been teaching and consulting in the areas of application software since 1984. In the early 90's he began teaching HTML and basic web design. Shortly thereafter, he began working with SQL on an extensive student information system. He has taught at the Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI. He has been on the staff of the regional educational service agency serving school districts in Wayne County, MI since 1985.

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