Ksanti in Text

the music of r stead

i don't think so

flute trio recorded by layering tracks. the rhythm track uses minimal reverb, the "melodic" track using the most reverb, and the remaining track uses a stereo chorus effect.
dead end - TSB@RESA

a midi piece which reflect the frustration of failed union negotiations
silent water

native american kiowa flute with a midi background. this piece is an improvisation. the midi background was created real-time using foot pedals to trigger the midi sound module.
the muse

a short experiment using a wind synthesizer and track layering
just a closer walk

playing with a traditional hymn for unaccompanied flute solo (sheet music pdf file)
amazing love

an organ solo based on the wesleyan theme "amazing love" (with a bit of amazing grace included!)
reflection number 1

originally composed on a Yamaha QY70 compact sequencer during a pensive moment
brandenburg polka

So I asked myself, "What if Bach were not decomposing, and what if he were heading to a Polish wedding; what would he be thinking?" The answer turned out to be 'The Brandenburg Polka' (©Robert W Stead 2006)
one for aggie

With my dog Aggie adding a few barks, I present here an accordion improvisation (playing my Excelsior 980 accordion (©Robert W Stead 2010)
revival medley

An arrangement of four traditional hymns for two flutes (©Robert W Stead 2014)
music box

Written when I was studying music at Wayne State University–a piece for two like instruments (©Robert W Stead 1975)
I Know Whom I Have Believed

An traditional hymn with Angela Stead on piano and vocals; Robert Stead on flute